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From sky-high towers to spaceships on alien planets, think back to all the fun things you used to create with your wooden building blocks. This nostalgic toy box essential has a modern twist with our playful 3D shapes. Imagination and design have come together to create the perfect building block. When filling your little one’s bedroom with the most amusing playthings, classic wooden blocks are sure to come to mind.

These stackable shapes balance ever so cleverly and create minimalist-styled attractive forms. There are a lot of toys that require batteries. These are often very stimulating, with loud noises and bright lights. In comparison, these blocks are great for quiet time and encourage creative, independent play. Give your kids a break from the screen and watch them create an imaginative world of their own.

Simple games, like building a tower, are fantastic for developing motor skills, problem-solving skills, and increasing a child’s attention span. As they continue to create, you will see their confidence grow and their creativity soar. An added bonus is that these blocks double as an attractive, modern decoration piece for your kid’s playroom and bedroom. These are a calming alternative to painted wood blocks or brightly colored plastic stackers.

Our blocks are made in Latvia and feature eco-friendly, non-toxic wood. They are made from pine and ash trees and are unpainted and unvarnished. Each minimalist block is unfinished and safe for little hands. As they grow older, you can decide to paint and customize for another fun project.Thoughtful gifts for birthdays or baby showers, these blocks grow with each year of life. From baby's simple motor skill development to towering skyscrapers and imaginative play in older children, there is no end to the possibilities for activities with these blocks. The real question is, how high will you build your tower?


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